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Your Weight X Centers online membership includes:

  1. Automatic Computerized Enrollment
    Our specially designed state-of-the-art computer programs will automatically provide a precise assessment of your medical information. It will also review and confirm your confidential medical history, weight loss profile, and exercise and activity level information. You will then be entered into our program. This quick and easy enrollment process is designed to help get you started on your way to losing weight.
  2. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers Pre-Screening Medical History and Weight Loss Profile
    Our computer-assisted consultation/review program allows for evaluation of your medical history and weight loss profile to ensure a healthy weight loss program.
  3. An Effective Weight Loss Program
    6 to choose from, all designed to help maximize healthy weight loss. We'll even help match you with the one that best fits your lifestyle.
  4. Customized Dinner Menus
    Create your own fresh food menus by utilizing our weekly meal planner.
  5. Optional Necessities Weight Loss Supplement Kits
    These exclusive kits are designed so you can follow the program just as if you had a licensed center within your area.
  6. Weekly Weigh-Ins
    Enter your weight each week to see how much you've lost.
  7. Weekly Weigh-In Progress Reports
    This personalized weight progress area provides you with an analysis of your weight loss progress.
  8. Inch Loss Analysis
    Enter your measurements each week to see how much you've lost.
  9. Body Measurement Progress Reports (every 2 weeks)
    This personalized body measurement area provides you with an analysis of your inch loss progress.

Weight X Centers online is specially designed to provide you with all the weight loss tools, support, and education needed to help you lose your excess pounds, inches and body fat.

You'll receive continuous support from our online information center, including:

Specialized Member Bulletin Boards
Share ideas, ask questions, and meet other Physicians Weight Loss Center® members just like yourself.

  1. Special Weight Loss Tips
  2. Excellent Nutritional Tips
  3. Helpful Behavioral Tips
  4. Convenient Exercise Tips
These weekly tips are delivered to you personally through e-mail and posted on our member bulletin boards each week

All designed to keep you on track and get you to your goal weight on time.

Your Physicians Weight Loss Center® online information center provides access to:

  1. Helpful Resource Center
    Increase your knowledge about weight loss and nutritions with the help of our informational glossary, frequently asked questions section and our index of useful links.
  2. Extensive Library Archive
    Browse through articles on many topics relevant to health and weight loss.
  3. Specialized Diet Store
    Choose from more than 65 specially designed products to help maximize your weight loss.
  4. Recipe Corner
    Great tasting recipes that help you lose weight.
  5. And much more!

All the information you need to keep that slimmer figure for the rest of your life.

Why Physicians Weight Loss Centers will work for you!

  • New and re-formulated higher protein and reduced carb weight loss and diet programs
  • Weekly weigh-ins and update reminders delivered via email
  • Diet and weight loss progress charts
  • Controlled weight loss environment
  • Flexible meal plans and a variety of meal types to choose from
  • Convenient shopping lists that are automatically updated based on your meal selections
  • Printer friendly daily and weekly menus
  • Comprehensive and detailed diet plans that will keep your weight loss on track
  • Specially designed weight loss and diet supplemental kits designed to maximize your weight loss
  • Express check-out to our diet store
  • Weekly weight loss, nutritional, behavioral and exercise tips delivered via email
  • Access to over 400 diet and weight loss related articles
  • Monthly recipes that are tasty and fun
  • Advice from our PWLC professionals
  • On-going support and encouragement from other Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers members