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Losing weight and keeping it off can be a very complex medical condition and requires a program designed and supervised by medical professionals. In a lot of cases, harsh dieting and exercising causes irreversible harm.

There are many factors that contribute to an individual’s weight gain; hormonal imbalances, psychological and behavioral issues which must be diagnosed and treated by a healthcare provider with experience in weight loss and nutrition.

If you act early, our programs should help you live a life without pain, lower your risk for disease and hospitalization and allow you to do the things you always wanted to do without external help.

Our programs  will identify and work with your primary care physician to treat any medical conditions including digestive issues, gut health, stress, circadian rhythms abnormalities, hormonal imbalances, vitamins and mineral deficiencies and work to modify your behavior along with your daily caloric intake and balanced diets to improve your nutrition and metabolism.

A successful weight loss program is designed by keeping in mind that weight gain does not happen quickly and clinical trials show that any weight loss over 4 to 10 pounds returns with vengeance.

Please note that most of the time, weight gain may not be your fault. It could be due to your metabolism or other hidden medical reasons. Even overeating can be linked to many medical reasons. If you have failed to lose weight in the past or lost weight has returned, it is good time to see us and get the health and body you desire and deserve.

All programs are designed and based upon your individuals needs and affordability. Your initial visit where you will receive your first month’s program will be $89 or $39 for your first 2 weeks.

You can request an appointment through this site or call us at (631)406-0026
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and get the weight you deserve for healthy long life.

When you arrive at your first visit, please bring with you a NYS issued photo ID and your past medical history including any weight management you have done in the past .

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