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Weight loss Program 

Staying overweight cannot only be a social discomfort but it makes you less mobile induced sedentary life style and can be the root cause of metabolic syndrome and visceral fat that reduces your quality of life and may reduce years of your life. 

We help people for whom militant exercises and various fad diets, failed them to lose weight or keep the lost weight off. Our physician supervised weight loss program is safe, confidential, affordable and can recognize and find solutions for excess weight.

If you are qualified to join the program , most patients are advised to reduce caloric intake and may dispense FDA approved appetite suppressants (diet pills) like Phentermine 37.5 mg. Since the program help you curb the appetite, change in the food you eat regularly is not required to change . Depending upon your condition a regular exercise will be recommended . 

Every patient is advised to conduct a total body detox that cleanses the body, jump start the weight loss. 

Additionally, to increase metabolism and energy for mobility, weekly or monthly injection of B12 is highly recommended. 

Patients are required to return for followup visits to continue treatment every 25 to 30 days till the target weight is achieved and assured to keep it off. 

Patients generally lose 4 plus pounds every visit.

Patients unable to lost at least 4lbs per month may require further evaluation and additional medications such as HCTZ ( water pills) Metformin , Topiramate , Prozac etc.

In many cases, it may not be your fault that you gained weight and may be due to one or more medical conditions, which your physician will discuss with you based upon your medical history and/or lab tests. In most cases these issues can be resolved with some additional treatments. 

Cutting bad habits and adopting healthy habits takes average 3 to 4 months. Without a change in lifestyle, it is unlikely that patients will make a lasting change to their health and weight.

 At our program the patient comes first and the kind, compassionate staff will treat you with the respect and privacy you deserve.  

Please make an appointment today and start your weight loss journey now to a healthy long life by calling us at (631) 514-3900 or through our website.